Position title:
REAL: Reject Economic Ableist Limits Program Coordinator

Reports to:
The REAL Program Coordinator reports to the Artistic Director and Managing Director.

The REAL Program Coordinator is generally a 20-hour per week position, with up to 30 hours per week required during program deadlines.

The REAL Program Coordinator is paid $20 hourly.

Position Overview:  
The REAL Program Coordinator is a community disability justice coordinator for DACP’s Reject Economic Ableist Limits program: engagement with organizations and individuals in community, curriculum refinement, research, recruiting participants, forming and leading a statewide Disability Justice Coalition, facilitating workshops, planning, production, promotion, and collecting data for evaluation. Other duties may include: supporting DACP’s other programs (IAVDC, Dis/Rep, Portland ReelAbilities) and cultivating relationships with the disabled community and allies.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Responsible grant outcome reporting in line with objectives
  • Social media for REAL, and delegate to REAL partners
  • Write blog posts on current issues
  • REAL partner recruiting and meeting facilitation
  • Attend and participate in meetings and actions held by intersecting social justice groups

Disability Culture and Justice Leadership Institute:

  • Expand curriculum
  • Guide leadership cohort in leadership development
  • Community building: communicate with cohort, individual follow up, practicum and check-ins

Disability Coalition:

  • Engage new REAL Partners, local and statewide
  • Form and organize statewide coalition


  • Event/community engagement/activist volunteer coordination


  • Demonstrated knowledge of Disability Justice movement and coalition building, and Racial and Economic Justice. Familiar with current resources and ability to research
  • Must be comfortable establishing and cultivating relationships and engaging individuals and organizations with Disability Art and Culture Project
  • Understanding workings of state legislative session and system and policy change, including how to activate on issues and organize around measures and bills
  • Demonstrated ability to work in intersectional and cross disability groups
  • Must be extremely collaborative and work within committees, other staff and volunteers
  • Demonstrated ability to facilitate workshops, leadership and disability/intersectional trainings and presentations
  • Demonstrated ability to evaluate and change programing based on evaluation
  • Representing DACP and our programs/philosophy to public
  • Knowledge of Disability Culture, and “Beyond ADA” access, access intimacy
  • Knowledge of spoon theory and how it applies to Disability Justice organizing culture
  • Organizational skills – program implementation, logistics and follow up
  • Comfortable writing for communications
  • Comfortable with our technology, including social media, Google Drive, and meeting technology (projector use, Adobe Connect, etc.)
  • Experience with non-profit organizations
  • Support the mission and philosophy of DACP
  • Must be flexible, self-directed and willing to work nontraditional hours in a demanding and rapidly changing work environment

Equal Opportunity Employment and Access

  • The Disability Art and Culture Project is an equal opportunity employer committed to affirmative action and accessibility. We support a racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse and inclusive organization. People of color, women, people with disabilities, and LGBTQIA candidates are encouraged to apply for employment with DACP.  Employees are encouraged to communicate accommodation needs to the Artistic Director and Managing Director.

Deadline to Apply:


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