Inclusive Arts Vibe Dance Company Biographies

A black man with glasses and goatee wearing a red shirt.Daric Anderson – I have been dancing with IAVDC for 4 years now. I enjoy expressing myself and growing as a performer. I spend many weekends with my Grandmother Evelyn. Dancing allows me to be independent, I bring my own ideas to the performance. I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and going for walks on different trails around the community. I also like going bowling with my roommate Ryan.

A white woman with long hair and a sparkly, silver top.Arrow Bless – I am 19 years old and I am a freshmen at Clackamas Community College, i’m in the corrections program. I work full time in a meat department at Safeway and in my free time I like to sleep and look at cows on Craig’s list. My favorite color is purple and my favorite number is 5.

A white man with glasses and a yellow shirt.Ryan Blumhardt – I am Dance King! Ms. Spears and Swift are my favorites for dancing. I have been in IAVDC for two years now and I like all my friends at IAVDC. My mom and dad like seeing me perform, they’re very important to me. Aside from dancing I participate in Special Olympics doing Basket Ball, Softball and Bowling. On weekends I go out with my housemates, doing bowling or taking walks out in the community.

A white woman with glasses and a black shirt, looking over her shoulder at the camera.Rachel Esteve I am 23 years old. I have Down Syndrome. I have been dancing for nine years. My favorite type of dances are hip hop, salsa, and ballet. I also love to sing a lot, and go out with my friends and we do karaoke.  I work at several jobs including Reed College cafeteria, and at the office of the Northwest Down Syndrome Association. I am active in the disability rights community. I serve on the board for the Think College project at Portland State University.  I teach dance to students at Lynch View Elementary with Kathy Coleman.

A white woman with hair pulled back, wearing a sparkling silver top.Addie Nelson – I’m 18 and I have been dancing with IAVDC for 4 years now. My favorite thing about dancing is being able to express my creativity and knowing I get to be surrounded by amazing people who never fail to make me smile. I also enjoy bowling, anything outdoors, and have a slight obsession with baby clothes.

A white woman in sparkling silver top leans back and smiles.Monique Peloquin –  I am 16 years old. I am a Sophomore at Madison High School. My favorite subject at school is US history. I like to watch TV and sing. I like to play with my dog Bear. He is a Pomeranian and 3 years old. I like to dance because it is important to my whole life.