January 8, 2015 from 4 to 5:30pm

ONLINE – Dis/Representation Virtual Room

In Person – Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 296 (Portland State Campus). It is located at 1825 SW Broadway.

Photo of two pairs of feet emerging from under the sheets of a bed with a wheelchair located nearby

Brief agenda is included below:

  • Dating and Sex with a Disability
  • Online discussion – see prompts below
  • Adding Queerness Into the Mix!
  • Online discussion – see prompts below

Dating and Sex with a Disability

Sexuality is arguably one of the most taboo topics in America.  Even more taboo is the notion that people with disabilities have sexual feelings and want to act on those feelings. Many physically, mentally, and intellectually disabled are seen as asexual, meaning people with disabilities don’t desire or engage in sexual activity. The other commonly held myth is that people wth disabilities are childlike, dependent, and therefore incapable of maintaining an intimate relationship. In this discussion we will look at the various issues, stereotypes, and themes that impact sexuality and disability.



  1. What factors are involved in leading society to this idea that people with disabilities are pure, virginal, or asexual?
  2. In what ways do you think people with disabilities could set an example for the rest of society in terms of dating and sex?
  3. What more can we be doing as advocates for sexual freedom and disability empowerment to convey the message that people with disabilities (in general) are sexual beings?
  4. Are there other themes or ideas from the readings and/or videos that seem important to address here? Were there some that were missed?

 Adding Queerness into the Mix


 Discussion Prompts

  1. What additional challenges exist for a person with a disability who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer in navigating the dating scene?
  2. What similar dating or sexuality experiences/challenges exist for both LGBTQ folks and for people with disabilities?

Captioning Provided Online for all Participants