Image description: Nine IAVDC dancers perform in the middle of a large studio with wooden floors. The studio is lit with blue, purple, and yellow light, which casts shadows of the dancers on the back wall. They sit, stand, and kneel, holding their arms and heads at different angles. They wear costumes that are blue, grey, and of a fabric with a Kandinsky pattern.

Photo by Kathy Coleman

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The Inclusive Arts Vibe Dance Company provides integrated dance classes, and is inclusive of youth with and without disabilities.  Dancers aged 12-22+ have the opportunity to learn structured improvisation through DanceAbility Methodology, how to choreograph movement including creating their own solos or small ensembles, and expand their movement vocabulary through learning contemporary dance.  IAVDC emphasizes individual expression of movement and building an equitable community through dance.  All choreography builds on the dancers unique minds and bodies, and each dancer contributes to the choreography in their own way.  Participating in Inclusive Arts Vibe is a way for young dancers to develop artistic expressions, positive identities, leadership skills, and experience a working model of social justice in the arts.

Dancers’ reasons for dancing include:

the pleasure of dance,

exercise and energy,

the fun and nice people in rehearsals,

and the feelings of happiness and pride that come from performing in front of people.

Click here to take a look at some of IAVDC’s recent performances on Vimeo.

For more information contact Artistic Director Kathy Coleman at or 503-358-9085 (voice)

Seven dancers pose in a spotlight. They wear black and white costumes, with masks painted around their eyes. They sit and stand on a wooden floor in a large room with white walls

Comments from our community:

“I am a special ed teacher and an advocate for inclusion – you are living it!” – IAVDC audience member

“It is importance to dance because it is a good way to express yourself” – IAVDC dancer

“I love that I get to dance with people I love” – IAVDC dancer

Seven dancers pose in a spotlight. They wear colorful costumes of blue, green, pink, and black. They sit, stand, and lay on a wooden floor in a large room. The photo is altered to look like a drawing or painting

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