Bloom: Inclusive Arts Vibe Performance

Saturday, May 14th  7pm

Sunday, May 15th  3pm

Location: Zoomtopia 810 SE Belmont

Cost: $10.00

Bloom will feature new work, including three solos, and bring back old favorites “Purpabulous” and “Rippling Wings.”

Inclusive Arts Vibe (IAV)  Dancers:

 Rachel Esteve

Rachel is a senior at Cleveland High School and has Down syndrome. She has been an IAV dancer since 2007. Hip hop is her favorite kind of dance. She says, “Dance is my life”.

 Chloe Goss

Choe is 20 years old and has Down syndrome. She has been an IAV dancer since 2007. She feels energized when she dances. She often thinks of her favorite TV show when she dances.

 Amy Osborn

Amy is 19 years old and attends the Community Transition Program for PPS (Green Thumb).  She has been an IAV dancer since 2010.  She dances for fun and exercise. Her favorite dance is hip hop. She feels proud of herself when she performs.

 Brendon Self

Brendon  is 18 and is in the Jefferson High School Transition Program through Grant High School.   He loves the social aspect of dance and being with the other dancers. Brendon has been an IAV dancer since 2008.

 Margot Sonnenschein

Margot is 19 years old. She has been an IAV dancer since 2009. She enjoys music and dance. Margot says, “Dance makes me less stressed and it is good exercise”.

Guest performers:

 Onya LeHarding

Onya has lived in Portland for 3 years now and she loves it. She volunteers at her church feeding about 600 people. She is taking a new interest in learning Korean language. Dancing solo is what makes her happy.

Rahma Sadik

Rahma is a Muslim girl who has grown up in America. She likes poetry because it helps her express her feelings through writing. She is 17 years old.

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