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Peace and Love expressed by dancers Rachel Esteve and Antoine Hunter after DACP's 2012 Disability Pride Art and Culture Festival. Rachel and Antoine are standing side by side: Rachel, a young White adult, has her right hand in the form of a peace sign. Antoine, a Black male adult, is making the ASL sign for "I love you" with his left hand. Antoine's right arm is around Rachel, with his hand on her shoulder. They are both looking in the direction of the photographer and smiling. Rachel is wearing a black headband with a small pink bow in the shape of a bow tie. She has on black rimmed glasses and wears braces on her teeth. Her costume is a soft pink and peach colored loose dress, with a mottled pattern that is darker pink at the right and fades to soft peach toward the center. The neck is scooped, and the short sleeves are open at the shoulders. It is gently gathered at the waist. The dress is layered over a black sleeveless top and black leggings. Antoine has dreadlocks that stop at neck level. He has a goatee and moustache. He is wearing a black and gray tie-dyed shirt and black pants with blue stripes down the side. He is wearing a black leather necklace; the object hanging from the strap is not visible. He has two silver rings on the hand on Rachel's shoulder.
Dancers Rachel Esteve and Antoine Hunter at DACP’s 2012 Disability Pride Art and Culture Festival.

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Founded in 2005, DACP is a Portland-based nonprofit that focuses on providing inclusive performance opportunities and promoting social justice through the arts. Whether you’ve been with DACP for years or are just getting involved — please share with us what you think about intersections of identities, race, and disability, how DACP should grow, and how you’d like to be involved!

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And Join DACP’s Community Listening Session on August 11th!

Who: All are welcome!
Date: Saturday, August 11, 2012
Time: 2:30-4:30pm
Location: Portland Community College, Cascade Campus, Terrell Hall Room 112 – 705 N. Killingsworth, Portland, Oregon
Click here for more info about PCC Cascade Campus.
Click here for a map of PCC Cascade Campus.
Transportation: The location is wheelchair accessible on the ground level close to parking. Bus Lines 4 and 72 stop close by. The N. Killingsworth MAX Yellow Line Stop is 0.5 miles away.
For Accessibility Questions, please contact Kathy at 503-238-0723.
Please Register by email or phone if you are planning to attend!
This way we can plan space and food. To register, email disabilityartculture@gmail.com or call 503-238-0723.
Facebook event page: Click here to share the event on Facebook!

More details: We’re also asking friends, partners and interested community members to join us at our first Community Listening Session. The Listening Session will be August 11th, 2012 from 2:30-4:30pm at Portland Community College’s Cascade Campus, Terrell Hall in Room 112. The listening session will be a free event, and hosted by Disability Art and Culture Project in partnership with Portland Community College Disability Services. All are welcome!

Activities during the Community Listening Session will include:

  •  intersections of identity, race, and disability
  • art and discussion with local artist and activist Rupert Kinnard
  • the results of the online survey
  • talk about how DACP should grow in the future
  • interactive art project

About Rupert Kinnard:
Graphic designer Rupert Kinnard has gained “sub-underground” comix fame as the creator of Cathartic Comics featuring The Brown Bomber and Diva Touché Flambé. He operates The Rupe Group Graphics and is currently working on The LifeCapsule Project, a graphic memoir.

Thanks for participating in our Community Survey, and we hope you will join us at PCC Cascade Campus on August 11th!

In solidarity,
Kathy, Jane, Cheryl, Sarah, Ann, Aireen, and all of DACP

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  1. So glad to have taken part in yesterday’s Community Listening Session … grateful to all who participated!

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