Meet Sam Vranizan!

Inclusive Arts Vibe Dance Company member Sam Vranizan is 25 years old.
Grey text "Shannon Knight Photography" at the bottom of the image of IAVDC member Sam Vranizan. A young man in a black t-shirt that's been slashed and put together with two lines of safety pins, a leather studded bracelet on  his left arm, black eyeliner, and black pants dances in his black wheelchair in a warmly, dimly lit dance studio. He is in the left third of the photo, and long shadows stretch behind and to the right of him through the rest of the image. He has dark hair, strong eyebrows, and a small moustache and goatee; his body is facing the photographer, angled slightly to the left. His right arm has shadows playing over it, resting beside his right knee, fingers slightly out. His head looks further to the viewer's right, toward the line that his relaxed braceleted left arm makes--his arm rests behind the arm of his wheelchair, back of his hand toward us, fingers relaxed and open. His eyes look huge in his face, looking toward us, with his punk eye makeup.
Sam says, “I am currently volunteering at Hollywood Elementary and with S.M.A.R.T.  I really enjoy working with children and hope to get a job in this field soon. In my free time, I attend dance class, I enjoy going to church and being involved in the choir, I love going to watch the Blazers, and meeting up with friends. Being involved with my community is very important to me. I am also involved in a study with OHSU to work on a new brain computer interface that will allow people with disabilities to communicate simply by looking at different words on a screen.”
This is Sam’s second time performing with Inclusive Arts Vibe Dance Company. Catch his performance at Home/Unrestrained this May 3, 4, and 5!
Group shot of IAVDC members in rehearsal. "Shannon Knight Photography" in brown type at the bottom right of the image. The image is of dancers in punk clothes in poses all over a dance studio in deep shadows--to the left, a young man with dark ripped and safety pinned clothes and a studded leather bracelet and dark eyemakeup dances in his wheelchair with his PA, also in black, his right hand partially raised, his mouth and eyes open wide as he looks up over his left shoulder, and his left hand pointing down toward another dancer, Addie, sitting cross-legged in a white full tulle skirt and black tank top, wry expression on her face, lipstick dark. On the back wall behind them, one dancer in a short black dress with skulls, and curly blond hair, sits cross-legged looking down; another dancer stands on one leg, her other leg leaning against the wall, with her arms crossed and a closed expression; her black leggings are slashed and her red t-shirt has a black spraypainted X across it. Next to her is another dancer on the floor, leaning against a protrusion in the wall on her left arm, her right hand pulling her bare feet toward her; she's also in black leggings and an altered red t-shirt. To the right, further in the foreground but in deep shadow, a young woman in black pants and shoes and t-shirt with a long white tunic with bones printed in black, dark hair cascading out of a topknot, sits in her wheelchair and faces to the right in three-quarter profile, her PA obscured in the shadows holding up one arm, leaning over her right fist and facing down toward the dancer in black leggings, fingerless beskulled black gloves, and a black t-shirt with a skull on it, who's sitting on the floor with her head and shoulder against the other dancer's wheelchair, right leg crossed over left and right arm relaxed on top of her leg, leaning on her left shoulder. The dancer on the floor has dark lipstick and glasses, and has her mouth open in an intent expression.

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