Meet Daric Anderson!

IAVDC dancer Daric Anderson jumps in rehearsal! This is a photo of a tall young Black man in white socks, black pants with red and white stripes running vertically down the side of his pants, and a red t-shirt, a small gold watch on his left wrist, and square brown glasses. Daric's facing the camera in a brightly lit dance studio with blonde wood floors and white walls; a black speaker is visible in the corner, as well as a hanging silver pipe against the wall. Daric's right arm is down at his side, hand at waist height, while his left arm is akimbo but tucked close into  his body, hand at ribcage height. He's smiling and his eyes are closed; his feet are several inches off the ground, slightly blurred in the photograph with his motion.
Daric, midair!

Daric Anderson is 22 years old and this is his first time attending a dance / performance class. He says he likes to dance because the music makes him move, and that’s his favorite part about dancing—the movement.  He likes the dance moves and the music that IAVDC does. He says that choreography, improv and creating dance is fun, and he wants to create break dancing.

Monique (foreground left), Daric (middle of photo & dance floor), and Ali (background right) dance with a basketball: Monique, a young white woman with loose straight blonde hair dressed in black, in 3/4 profile, holds her hands in front of her and looks toward Daric, a taller young Black man in black pants and socks and a pink t-shirt and square glasses, dribbling a blurred orange basketball, while behind them stage left Ali, a young white woman with half-up brown hair and bangs over one eye, in capris black leggings and a purple short-sleeve top, tiptoes toward stage right with her right arm raised and her left arm bent at her side.
Monique, Daric, & Ali dancing with basketball. Photo by Cheryl Green.

Daric says his favorite times at class are when he gets to spin around and jump up and down, and he just loves the “That’s not my name” song!

A grou pshot of IAVDC dancers in rehearsal: the dancers dance in a brightly lit dance studio with blonde shiny wood floors and white walls, silver pipes hanging from the ceilings, black curtains, wood risers, and folding chairs on the floor and on risers visible behind them. Sam, in black pants and a plaid shirt, dances in his wheelchair, twirled by his PA, a young woman in black pants and a patterned black t-shirt. Sam looks at Chloe, dancing next to him in grey pants and a pink "Born this way" t-shirt, her arms slightly outstretched. Daric is in the center of the picture, in the background, in black pants and a pink shirt, smiling and slightly blurred with motion as he leans to his right. He's interacting with Addie, who's back is in 3/4 profile to the camera, in black capris, black ankle socks, and a seafoam green t-shirt. To their right, Ali is barely visible behind Monique, who's in grey shorts and a black long-sleeved t-shirt under a bright orange t-shirt with a cartoon panda on it, her arms raised and fists closed, smiling a huge smile and interacting in the dance with Rachel E, who's in profile in black dance tights and a yellow t-shirt, hair escaping a ponytail, standing right leg in front of left, leaning toward Monique.
IAVDC in rehearsal

Catch Daric’s performance at Home/Unrestrained this May 3, 4, and 5 at Zoomtopia!

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