Thank you to everyone who made our fundraiser successful!

We made most of what we needed to cover videography for the IAVDC performance, Home/Unrestrained, which means that we’ll have a nice professional video of the whole performance and will also be able to make a promotional video for IAVDC!

And now let us show you some of the excellent things that happened at the fundraiser!

A little girl in a skirt and green t-shirt  giggles into her hands, standing in front of her sitting male adult person. To the left of the little girl and the adult man, to the left of windows letting sunshine into the room, Lavaun Heaster sits at one of the craft tables with brightly colored paper and other art supplies.Fun at the craft table. (Thanks to Lavaun and Alyson and their helpers for running the show there!)

Native American singer and drummer John Edmo open the event with an honor song and a round dance. We were too busy participating in the dance to take any pictures! But you can hear John performing a few songs on a local radio station a few years ago, on the Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People show, here.

Singer/songwriter Jana Losey performing. Losey, in brown leather soft boots with buckles and straps, black leggings and draping tank top, and flowing gauzey green-aqua-brown skirt, with tiny earrings and short black hair setting off pale skin, plays an acoustic guitar while sitting on a blue folding chair. Behind Losey is a community center stage with black curtains, folded blue mats and a chalkboard behind her, brightly colored cloth set on the stage to the right, Joy Corcoran's cloth sculpture of a girl and dragon sitting on the stage to the left. The photo is overexposed, light glowing off the floor and front of the stage. Photo by Kathy Coleman.Longtime friend of DACP, singer/songwriter Jana Losey, performed a few songs!

Photo of Joy Corcoran at the IAVDC fundraiser. Joy, a middle aged woman of average build, with grey curly shoulder-length hair and little glasses, wearing black pants and shoes and a bright pink blazer with intricate appliqued designs on the sleeves and front over a green shirt, sits in a folding chair with a book open on her lap and a microphone in her right hand, in front of the community center stage. Next to Joy, on another blue folding chair, is Joy's sculpture of the main character of her story (a pale girl with bright hair and crystal eyes) and her seeing-eye dragon, a gold and blue fabric sculpture. Behind the sculpture , somewhat obscured, is a walker with a bright red bag with a dragon printed on it, hanging from the handles. In addition to donating a painting for the auction, Joy Corcoran told the story of Iris (the girl in the tactile sculpture) and Aurora the seeing eye dragon (also part of the sculpture). Joy wrote a blog post about her performance, and reprinted the text of her story, here!

Cheryl Green, the event's MC, holds the microphone for Ed Edmo as he tells his story. They stand next to the folding chair with Joy Corcoran's girl-and-dragon textile sculpture, in front of the gym stage with its black curtains and blue gym mats; Cheryl wears a light grey skirt and matching leggings, dark loafers, a navy blue shirt and forest green cardigan, her black curly hair falling over her face, and Ed wears black sneakers, bluejeans held up by black suspenders, a blue-black-white vertically stripped subtly patterened button-down shirt, a beaded necklace with a bone-colored fish charm, rings on his fingers, and black glasses. His black baseball cap rests on the stage next to him; his eyebrows are together and his left arm held at waist level as he tells the story. Photo by Kathy Coleman.

After we closed round one of the auction, John’s father, the inimitable Ed Edmo (Shoshone-Bannock)–poet, storyteller, playwright, historian, longtime activist, and Native American consultant, not to mention the Vice President of the board of the National Indian Parent Information Center–gave an impromptu performance of the legend of Snake.

Audience members, sitting in folding chairs and standing, looking at Ed, some with arms at chest height and hands lightly cupped and facing down, copying Ed's "roll, snake!" motions.

Roll, Snake!

Then Sarah Doherty, DACP  Development Director, dusted off her a cappella folk singing skills for a rendition of James Taylor’s “Millworker” and her own version of “Low Bridge, Everybody Down.” More than a few audience members sang along!

Sarah Doherty, a midsized fat white woman with white sneakers, indigo jeans, a black belt with silver grommets, a bright blue shirt, a green blazer, and medium brown hair holds a folded piece of paper in one hand and looks up, smiling, singing. She's in front of the gym stage, and Ed Edmo's baseball cap and folded blue gym mats are visible behind her. Photo by Kathy Coleman
Mules named Sal=awesome (best on the Erie Canal). Photo by Kathy Coleman.

And Inclusive Arts Vibe Dance Company performed two pieces before the close of the auction, at the end of the afternoon! They previewed a new piece that will be debuted at Home/Unrestrained, an homage to Artistic Director Kathy Coleman’s father:

Monique (foreground left), Daric (middle of photo & dance floor), and Ali (background right) dance with a basketball: Monique, a young white woman with loose straight blonde hair dressed in black, in 3/4 profile, holds her hands in front of her and looks toward Daric, a taller young Black man in black pants and socks and a pink t-shirt and square glasses and short black hair, dribbling a blurred orange basketball, while behind them stage left Ali, a young white woman with half-up brown hair and bangs over one eye, in capris black leggings and a purple short-sleeve top, tiptoes toward stage right with her right arm raised and her left arm bent at her side, teeth slightly bared and neck stretching forward.

Monique, Daric, and Ali dancing with a basketball. Photo by Kathy Coleman.

Chloe stands on the left, knees and ankles flexed, arms outstretched, face relaxed and slightly smiling, eyes on the blurry orange basketball which is suspended in the air between her and fellow IAVDC dancer Addie Nelson, whose knees are flexed and arms are down, mouth open and eyebrows high with an expression of comical dismay. Chloe wears sneakers, black leggings, and a white lace dress and little rectangular black glasses, and her strawberry blonde hair floats a little, while Addie wears capris black leggings and black camisole under a seafoam green t-shirt, hair in a matching green headband. Both young women's rosy pale skin glows a little in the slightly overexposed photograph. They are in a gym with shiny white linoleum floors, and beige and white walls, in front of a low stage with a blue exit door and black curtains.
Chloe and Addie dance with basketball midair! Photo by Kathy Coleman.
Group shot of IAVDC dancers previewing basketball piece. Rachel W's PA, dressed in a black dress and black tights, smiles and pulls back on Rachel W's wheelchair; Rachel W, in profile, in black pants and a seafoam green top and black scarf, hair in a wild topknot, smiles and holds her bent right arm at shoulder height upstage of Rachel E, seen from behind, black leggings rolled up to her knees, hair in a high ponytail in a red scrunchy, interacting with Monique, who's holding a basketball and facing the camera, looking at Rachel E, all in black with loose straight hair long and flying across her shoulders and face as she moves with the ball. Upstage of the two young women is Daric, grinning in black pants and a pink t-shirt, feet planted and arms relaxed, interacting with an off-camera dancer (Addie) who only has her outstretched blurred left arm and moving sliver of left leg and toe, identifiable because her orange socks are pushed half off her feet to just cover the balls of her feet.
Group shot of IAVDC dancers performing with basketballs: Rachel W & PA, Rachel E, Monique, Daric, & Addie’s arm and toes. Photo by Kathy Coleman
Monique and Chloe dancing in front of the stage (black curtains and blue gym mats visible on the stage): Monique, in a tight black dance shirt and leggings and bare feet, hair loose, stands with her left leg far ahead of her right, both hands upturned, shrugging her shoulders, in profile, looking at Chloe, standing straight on in black leggings and a white lace dress, arms at her side, looking down over her left leg, head and back tilted to the side in a long curving line. Photo by Cheryl Green.

Monique and Chloe dancing

Photo of Rachel W dancing with her PA in front of the stage in the community center auditorium. Blue gym mats, a blue stage door, black curtains, and a blackboard are visible on the stage. Rachel, a young woman in black pants, a black gauzy scarf, and an off-the-shoulder seafoam green tunic, dances in her wheelchair with her PA, another young woman in a black dress and black stockings. Rachel's dark brown hair is in a topknot, her eyes are closed and her expression focused, arms bent at the elbow and hands at shoulder height, while her PA crosses right leg over left, smiling, in the midst of twirling Rachel in her chair and in circles on the auditorium floor.
Rachel W dancing with PA; they made intricate circles on the dance floor. Photo by Cheryl Green

IAVDC dancers also reprised their popular Lady Gaga piece.

Addie Nelson prepares to pirouette at the Glitter Groove Grow IAVDC fundraiser. In a gym with a white linoleum floor and white and beige walls, Addie, a young woman in orange and grey patterned socks, black capris leggings, and a sea green U-neck t-shirt over a black camisole holds her left arm bent and tight, level with her shoulder and parallel to the ground, and curves her left arm and hand over her head. Her right leg is extended behind her and her left leg is bent, anchoring her; she is beginning a pirouette during her dance solo during an IAVDC performance. Her brown hair flies out behind her, her eyes are up, and her mouth is slightly open. Fellow dancers Chloe, in a peach lace dress over black leggings and sneakers, leaning forward, eyebrows high, looking over her black rectangular glasses, and Rachel E, all in black with bare feet watching intently through oval black glasses, right leg slightly bent and right arm curled up to her chest, watch Addie from the left of the picture. Behind Rachel and Chloe, somewhat obscured, Rachel W's legs and part of her wheelchair, and the top of Rachel W's PA's head, peek out. Also visible is part of the black exit door and window, and the ventilation grate behind Addie.
Addie prepares to pirouette during her dance solo. Photo by Cheryl Green.
Photo of IAVDC dancers performing to the Lady Gaga song: Monique, half of her face and body visible, Rachel E, all in black on the left, standing with legs apart and left arm raised straight up, hair flying to her right, face intent,, Daric, in black pants and a pink top with left leg slightly raised and bent and left arm loosely bent and raised, smiling slightly, and Chloe, in black leggings and a pale lace sleeveless dress with left arm raised just below her shoulder and right arm extended behind her, dress flaring and head and torso twisted slightly as if she were in the midst of a twirl, huge smile on her face, dance together in front of the gym stage's black curtains.
Monique, Rachel E, Daric, and Chloe spin and hold monster claw poses. Photo by Cheryl Green.
IAVDC dancer Rachel E performing at the fundraiser Glitter Groove Grow: Rachel, a young white woman dressed in black with bare arms and feet, has her legs apart and stands in three-quarter profile, with her head looking in the opposite direction of her body, arms up--left arm bent and pushing hair over her face, right arm up and over her head, hand not visible, in the midst of moving her arm and swinging her head and hair around during her dance solo. She's in front of a low auditorium stage with black curtains and a blue exit door. (Off to the far right Daric's leg and hand and a bit of his pink t-shirt are also visible.)
Rachel E’s dance solo. Photo by Cheryl Green.
IAVDC dancers moving forward with monster hands and/or faces: Ali's arched back in her purple t-shirt is partially visible on the left of the photo, behind the partially visible Addie (her black-clad leg, scrunched-down orange socks, and part of her seafoam t-shirt are visible as she and Ali crawl forward on hands and knees), Monique kneels in the center of the image, in the middle of walking forward on her knees, hair wild and down about her face and arms, arms raised and outstretched ahead of her with claw fingers; Rachel W, in black pants and seafoam off-the-shoulder shirt inches forward in her wheelchair with arms up, pushed by a barely visible PA in black, while to the right of them Daric, slightly blurred, is in the midst of moving forward on hands and knees, bringing his clawed hands down to the ground.
IAVDC Gaga group shot. Photo by Cheryl Green.

Stefanie Snider (our visual arts coordinator who runs the open art sessions) ran the food table with Cheryl Green, who, in addition to taking pictures, acted as the Master of Ceremonies. with help from new volunteer Marcella. Our longtime volunteer Barbara H worked with accessibility and auction coordinator Kelley Schaperjahn to run the auction, dance company members contributed artwork and sold flowers, donated truffles from Missionary Chocolates, and kid-friendly necklaces donated by Sarah, and a dozen other volunteers helped us to set up, transfer unsold round one auction items to the round two auction tables, and clean up. We had refreshments donated by fundraiser coordinating committee members, as well as Dovetail Bakery, Fred Meyer (Hawthorne), Grand Central Baking Company (Beaumont), New Seasons (Division), and Whole Foods (Hollywood). In addition, volunteers donated their artwork, and helped us find other donations to auction off (see the full, amazing list of donors here!). We could not have had this event, and our youth dancers can’t succeed, without support from our whole community–and you all came through. Thank you!

And don’t forget–the youth performance we all worked so hard to support, Home/Unrestrained, is this weekend! May 3, 4, and 5–see you there!

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