Meet Chloe Goss!

Chloe Goss loves the performance part of dancing. She has been with IAVDC for 5 years.

IAVDC dancer Chloe Goss, dances in a studio with blonde wood floors in front of white curtains. Her weight is on her left leg, her right leg outstretched behind her; she leans forward over her left leg facing forward and looking up, lips slightly parted, left arm curled across her body and hand pointing the same direction as her right outstretched leg, and the same direction as her right arm, which is held at an angle so her hand is behind her and slightly above her head. She  appears to be a young white woman with red chin-length hair, rectangular glasses, pale skin, and wearing a grey-and-greyish-purple patterned long-sleeve scoop-neck shirt, black leggings, and white-and-grey gym socks.
Chloe Goss dancing!

Several days a week she enjoys getting out and socializing with her friends at On the Move Community Integration.  She also likes watching movies and eating pizza with her friends.

IAVDC dancer Chloe, a young woman with chin-length red hair, pale skin, and glasses, dances in front of a community center low stage. The stage has a white board and blue gym mats on it; Chloe is dressed in white sneakers and socks, black leggings, and a pale pinkish-white lace short-sleeved dress, and black rectangular glasses. Chloe is dancing with her feet planted, oriented straight onto the camera, tilting her upper body and head over her left shoulder, with her right arm hanging slightly lower than her right. Her eyes are half-closed; her expression indicates concentration.
Chloe dancing at Glitter. Groove. Grow!

Catch Chloe’s performance this weekend at Home/Unrestrained! Friday’s show is sold out, but join us Saturday or Sunday!


A slightly overexposed photo of two IAVDC dancers, Monique (on the left, all in black with bare feet and loose dark blonde hair, a young white woman facing the camera, right leg crossed over left, right arm stretched out behind her, left arm tucked up to her body--and Chloe, a young white woman with pale skin and red short hair, white sneakers and socks, black leggings, and a pale pinksh-white lace dress, and small rectangular glasses, right foot on the floor, left leg bent and foot off the floor, left arm stretched out to her side horizontally, right arm slightly curved away from her body, hand facing down. They are in front of a community center stage with blue gym mats and a white board and black curtains in the shadows of the stage.
Monique and Chloe dancing at Glitter. Groove. Grow! Photo by Cheryl Green.

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