Meet Rachel Wada!

Rachel Wada
Rachel and Katie dancing

Rachel Wada’s passions are music, dance and art. She also paints at the Infusion Gallery in Troutdale. Thank you so much to her wonderful caregiver, Katie Regan, for helping Rachel with her dancing.

Black & white photo of IAVDC dancers Rachel E and Rachel W (left and right) dancing together in a brightly lit studio. Rachel E has black leggings, a black skirt, a black t-shirt with a big white skull printed on it, and black fingerless gloves with skulls on them; her shoulder-length hair is down, falling over her face. She's dancing in profile, facing right, right arm raised, slightly bent, and making a claw shaped hand motion to Rachel W. Rachel W is dancing in her wheelchair, in black pants and a black long-sleeved shirt under a white tunic with black printed bones on it, hair piled atop her head, right arm behind her and left arm bent and raised; her head is tilted over her right shoulder and she's smiling. "Shannon Knight Photography" printed at the bottom left of the photo.
Rachel E and Rachel W, punks!

When she is not dancing or painting, she loves hanging out with her friends at her favorite restaurants and coffee shops!

Photo of IAVDC dancers performing in a brightly lit community center auditorium at the fundraiser. Ali, on the left background, in black capris leggings and a blue t-shirt, stands looking toward another group of dancers, Addie, in capris leggings and a mint green t-shirt and matching headband standing and dancing toward the camera, head turned to the right, right arm bent and held akimbo away from her body, left arm bent above her head; Rachel W, dancing in her wheelchair in black pants and long-sleeved shirt under a mint green t-shirt, hair piled atop her head, arms raised and bent, fists at shoulder height, smiling and looking down; her PA, all in black, lookng over her left shoulder, and Monique, dancing in profile, body making an S as she bends her spine and head forward while bending her legs, arms upraised, hair loose, all in black.
IAVDC dancers performing at Glitter. Groove. Grow! Photo by Cheryl Green.

This is her second year with IAVDC. Watch her performance with IAVDC tonight and tomorrow at Home/Unrestrained!

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