Meet Rachel Esteve!

Slightly overexposed photo of Rachel E dancing a solo at the IAVDC fundraiser: Rachel, barefoot, in black leggings and a black sleeveless leotard, stands legs apart, left leg ahead of right, spine twisted, head looking backward over her right hip, arms bent and up and throwing her shoulder-length brown hair around and over her face. She's dancing in front of a low stage, on which some cloth and black curtains and a blue exit door are visible.
Rachel E at Glitter. Groove. Grow! Photo by Cheryl Green

Rachel Esteve, 20, has been dancing under Kathy Coleman’s tutelage at IAVDC for five years. She is a graduate of Cleveland High School in Portland and attends classes at the Green Thumb Community Transition Center.

Two dancers stand against a shadowed white wall: on the left, Rachel Esteve, a young white woman in a black leotard and black leggings and peach loose jersey dress, hair pinned back, barefoot and wearing black oval glasses, smiling with left arm down and right hand up at shoulder height, making the peace sign, and Antoine Hunter, the festival's guest artist, a taller Black man in a grey-and-black tie-dyed shirt and black track pants with a stripe down the side, with shoulder-length locks and a moustache and beard and a short necklace, right arm around Rachel's shoulder, left hand making the "I love you" sign; he's also smiling, so the picture's mood is happy and proud.
Rachel and Antoine at 2012 Disability Pride Art & Culture Festival

An image of a dancing IAVDC member, Rachel E, in black leggings and a bright rainbow-colored tie-dyed t-shirt, barefoot, arms down over planted left leg, right leg bent and behind her, looking up through oval glasses, tied back hair falling backward, smiling as she dances in a studio with blonde wood floors and folding chairs on risers.
Rachel Esteve in rehearsal

While dancing is her primary form of artistic expression, she also writes, sings along to Adele, loves movies and can show some serious Tae Kwan Do moves! Come see her company dances and solo at Home/Unrestrained!


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