I, Object(ification): Contribute to our art installation!

Please contribute to an Interactive Art Installation called "I, Object(ification)". Disability Art and Culture Project (DACP) members are creating an interactive art installation. It will be shown at a Revolutionary Arts Panel as part of the Disability Pride Art and Culture Festival,May 17, 2014. The installation (exhibit) will look at ways the medical system marginalizes … Continue reading I, Object(ification): Contribute to our art installation!

Sex, Love, and Disability!

Join us for Sex, Love and Disability III--our third celebration of the lives of people with disabilities, our loved ones, families, partners, crushes, desires, passions, and pleasures. Saturday, March 1, 6:30-9:00PM Center for Intercultural Organizing 700 N Killingsworth St., Portland, OR 97217 The evening will feature performances and videos from diverse members of the disability, … Continue reading Sex, Love, and Disability!

Glitter. Groove. Grow! A success!

Thank you to everyone who made our fundraiser successful! We made most of what we needed to cover videography for the IAVDC performance, Home/Unrestrained, which means that we'll have a nice professional video of the whole performance and will also be able to make a promotional video for IAVDC! And now let us show you … Continue reading Glitter. Groove. Grow! A success!