Meet Addie Nelson!


Addie Nelson solo shot: "Shannon Knight Photography" printed across the bottom of the image in yellow. Image of dancer Addie Nelson, a young woman with pale skin and dark hair in a black tank top and a sea-grean frothy full tulle skirt, dancing in a darkened studio with wood floors. Addie is standing, right arm resting on her skirt, left arm held out across her body with gently curling elbow and hand. The tilt of her head, her arched back, and her cocked hip make her body into a gentle s-curv. Her lips are quirked; she has a wry expression. She's in the left of the photo, with shadows behind her and arcing to her right across the studio floor.

Inclusive Arts Vibe Dance Company member Addie Nelson is 15 years old and a 10th grader at Milwaukie Academy Of The Arts. She has danced for 10 years and counting! She has trained in ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap and hip hop.  She also has tumbling experience.


A black and white photo of two IAVDC dancers. "Shannon Knight Photography" printed in grey type over Addie's skirt. To the right, featured dancer Sam Vranizan, a young man with dark hair and eyebrows and a light mustache and goatee, dances in his wheelchair with fellow IAVDC company member Addie Nelson. Sam is on the right of the image, dressed all in black, his t-shirt ripped and reconstructed with two diagonal lines of safety pins across his chest. His arms are relaxed and at his sides, his mouth is slightly open, and he looks straight out at the camera with a slightly mournful expression, eyes wide and standing out in his face because of dark eyeliner. Addie dances in the left of the photo, standing to Sam's right, hip cocked, right arm raised over her head, left arm shrugging, left hand open and facing up just above the level of Sam's shoulder. Her expression is playful, mouth slightly open and smiling, eyes half-open, eyebrows quirked; her black tank top has white bones printed on it, and her skirt is full white tulle.

Addie and fellow dancer Sam Vranizan

Addie says, “When I am dancing all my worries go away and I feel like no one or nothing can stop me!”

Addie Nelson prepares to pirouette at the Glitter Groove Grow IAVDC fundraiser. In a gym with a white linoleum floor and white and beige walls, Addie, a young woman in orange and grey patterned socks, black capris leggings, and a sea green U-neck t-shirt over a black camisole holds her left arm bent and tight, level with her shoulder and parallel to the ground, and curves her left arm and hand over her head. Her right leg is extended behind her and her left leg is bent, anchoring her; she is beginning a pirouette during her dance solo during an IAVDC performance. Her brown hair flies out behind her, her eyes are up, and her mouth is slightly open. Fellow dancers Chloe, in a peach lace dress over black leggings and sneakers, leaning forward, eyebrows high, looking over her black rectangular glasses, and Rachel E, all in black with bare feet watching intently through oval black glasses, right leg slightly bent and right arm curled up to her chest, watch Addie from the left of the picture. Behind Rachel and Chloe, somewhat obscured, Rachel W's legs and part of her wheelchair, and the top of Rachel W's PA's head,  peek out. Also visible is part of the black exit door and window, and the ventilation grate behind Addie.

Addie prepares a pirouette & fellow dancers watch at the IAVDC fundraiser Glitter, Groove, Grow! Photo by Cheryl Green.

This is Addie’s first year with IAVDC. Catch her performance at Home/Unrestrained this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 3, 4, and 5!

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